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NEW  -  Out-of-Canada Elective Medical Care Insurance Now Available

Timely access to medical care has become a great challenge for Canadians.  Lengthy wait times for diagnostic tests are now the norm’ delaying confirmation of a diagnosis.  Once the test results are available it can take weeks, if not months, to see a specialist.  In fact the combined period from initial diagnosis to treatment can easily exceed 6 months or more.

If you currently have group healthcare coverage at work and want to access subsidized out-of-country medical treatment you first must obtain permission from OHIP.  You then need to ask your group insurance carrier to confirm how much of your out-of-country medical costs will be covered by your plan.  The time this will take from diagnosis to treatment could mean the difference between … well we will leave that to your imagination.

There is a new program available to Canadians called BEST DOCTORS.  It is designed to allow you to seek medical health care abroad without first having to go through OHIP.  A tailor made insurance plan to fit your needs and budget.  Just think, access to the most advanced treatment and care regardless of where it’s located.  Access to centers of excellence in advanced medical care including the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Johns Hopkins, Cedars-Sinai and others.  MRI’s and CT scans in just days. Hip and knee surgery without prolonged waiting periods and access to prescription drugs that are not approved in Canada when part of a treatment plan administered outside of Canada.

If you would like to obtain more information on this program please call Barry Rebuck at 905-944-0107. 


BEST DOCTORS … leave all the paperwork to us.  Best Doctors Insurance delivers a true personalized service that
leaves no stone unturned. And while you are focusing on getting better, Best Doctors takes 
care of the medical bills.



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REBUCK & ASSOCIATES is a full spectrum insurance and financial service.  Whether it's to protect your wealth, plan for continued accummulation, or set the stage for a sustainable income at retirement or long term care, let us help you to obtain your financial security.



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